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  Welcome to the So Cal Region

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We are back to Pyramid!  I will start sign-ups at 4:00am inside the ABA Truck outside the gate on the exit side of the road.  Please line up single file behind the Truck.  Plan to be at the lake no later than 4:30am as the lake staff will let the Tournament Boats in at 5:00am and I will get you started as quick as possible!  My staff and I all looking forward to a great final event of the year!




Prior to

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American Bass “TEAM TOURNAMENTS” ...

The Biggest Team Circuit Ever In The Western U.S.!!!

"Fish for the Best CASH Paybacks and the best prizes in the West!"

What Are 
American Bass 

American Bass "Team Tournaments" are competitive Bass fishing events that are open to all American Bass members. Each team consists of two American Bass members. (It is permissible for one member to fish alone if they do not have a partner or if their partner can not attend the event). American Bass has many special "Category" teams, most of these are family oriented such as Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Brother/Sister

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Below are the fees and a couple sample paybacks to show you the possibilities.

Basic Entry $135
Mandatory Fees $25

Big Fish $40  (Pays up to 3 spots)
Big Bucks $40  (Pays up to 3 spots)

Winner Takes All  $20  (Pays 1 spot)
Just a little short $20  (Pays out starting at first out of the money)

Total All-In $280


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Here is a quick link to all of the forms and information you need to start competing in American Bass events.  For an entry form for this region, please click on the “Entry Fee” tab.  There is a link to a form specifically for this region.

Waiver:  Every angler is required to complete and sign a waiver each year in order to compete in any American Bass event.  You only need to sign one waiver each year.

Click here for WAIVER

Rules:  American Bass “Team” events are governed by American Bass Team Tournament rules.  Be sure to read the rules

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American Bass is proud to have the finest sponsors in the industry.   Please consider these sponsors when making your purchasing decisions.


Regional Sponsors:




Regional Sponsors receive recognition through involvement at American Bass events on a regional level.   If you are interested in becoming a Regional Sponsor for this region, please contact the Regional Director.


National Sponsors:

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  Click Here for a link to the past American Bass Team Classics from 1998 to present!  

  Here are the Dates for the 2018

American Bass / Ranger Boats Team Classic's

These events are Friday & Saturday Competition days with a Thursday evening registarion/meeting. 


SOUTH:   Lake Havasu - September 21-22, 2018

NORTHWEST:   Roosevelt Lake - October 19-20, 2018

NORTH:   Lake Shasta - November 2-3, 2018

  (In July, 2018 we will activate links on the tournaments   to link you directly to the Pre-Tournament e-Magazine!)

   These are Invitation Only events open to teams that qualify per American

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American Bass So Cal Region Anglers of the Year!

2016  Tie –   William Mcaninch & Ed Uyema  

201  Tie –   Derrek Stewart & Bill Siemantel

2015  Tie –   Ed Uyema & William Mcaninch

2015  Tie –   Billy Nelson & Bobby Nelson

2014 –  Ed Uyema & William Mcaninch

2013 –  Greg Whitehall & David Valdivia

2012 –  Jerry Ballesteros & Kevin Johnson

2011 –  Gary Jubilado & Dan Villanueva

2010 –  Paul Vogler Jr. & Don Robidoux

2009 –   Lenden Riley & Aaron Fishinger

2008 –  Troy Lindner & Bill Siemantel

2007 –  Jack Kwiatek & Noah Cook

2006 –  Clint Hays & Monty Howard

2005 –  Jon Kraft

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