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 Currently, Oregon has one region names "Oregon" Region.  Please click on the Oregon Region to see the schedule and results.

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Other tabs:  ABOUT TEAM TOURNAMENTS (general info about our tournaments), EVENT FEES/ENTRY FORMS (event entry fees & options and printable entry form), EVENT FORMS/RULES (waiver, rules, angler profile form), REGIONAL SPONSORS (sponsors that support the events in this region), TEAM CLASSIC INFO (get the information about the exciting American Bass/Ranger Boats Team Classic championship events), ANGLERS OF THE YEAR (history of Anglers of the Year in this region).

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This Region does not currently have events scheduled for this season.

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American Bass Oregon North Region Anglers of the Year!


2016 –  N/A

2015 –  N/A

2014 –  N/A

2013 Tie –  David Heldstab & Jim Gaither

2013 Tie –  Rick Beko & Steve Dryden

2012 –  Chris Carpenter & Travis Glass

2011 –  Kory Ray & Keith Truett

2010 –  Larry Slaughter & John Sevc

2009 –  Rick Beko & Steve Dryden

2008 –  Rick Beko & Steve Dryden

2007 –  Kory Ray & Casey Cunningham

2006 –  Todd Woolard & Kory Ray

2005 –  Brian Raab & Gary Yexley

2004 –  Brian Raab & Gary Yexley

2003 –  Troy Lohse & David Swendseid

2002 –  Rick Correa & Nick Mason

2001 –  Troy Corgain & John Bizzarri

2000 –  Dennis Boyd & Terry Ballard

1999 –  Kraig Albright & Dennis Richmond


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American Bass is proud to have the finest sponsors in the industry.  Please consider these sponsors when making your purchasing decisions.

Regional Sponsors:


Regional Sponsors receive recognition through involvement at American Bass events on a regional level.  If you are interested in becoming a Regional Sponsor for this region, please contact the Regional Director.


National Sponsors:

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 If you are interested in becoming a National Sponsor of American Bass, please call (310) 376-1026.

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