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Our next event is February 17th at Puddingstone!

Please read the flyer below for information.  We will be adding detailed information soon. Please check back 2/6/18.


All participants need to get their boat to puddingstone Lake and have it inspected 1 week prior to the tournament on a weekday. COMPLETELY DRY BOATS ONLY. NO WET BOATS. Also keep a copy of their boat registration with them. Puddingstone Lake does not honor any other boat inspection tags from any other lake. This is a quagga free lake. In addition, they have too much traffic and they do not want to have to inspect a boat early in the morning on the day of the tournament, 


Anglers need to have the proper safety equipment listed on the launch requirements attachment for the inspection or they will not be allowed on the lake. 


Launch fees are $11.00


Participation Fee is $2.00/person, and Vehicle fee is $10.00.


Total Launch fee is $25.00.(Participation fee included)



If anyone is interested in registering early for this tournament, you may do so on the website, you may contact me via email at


Note: It is your responsibility to read and become familiar with all the ABA rules. They can be found on the ABA website at When signing the wavier release form you are acknowledging that you are familiar with all ABA Rules.

Again, Thank You for Choosing ABA and fishing the High Desert Region…. MAX

Max Garcia Tournament Director 


American Bass has been supporting West Coast bass anglers since 1983!!!  We are the oldest organization supporting Team Tournaments in the West. In 2016 we lowered our basic entry fee.  This change was designed to make our events more affordable to all anglers.  American Bass lowered the basic entry fee and changed the Team Classic entry format.  American Bass lowered the Basic Entry fee to only $135.  The “All-In” entry fee, including insurance, conservation fees & options will be $200 for teams entering all options in most regions.  (There will be a couple of regions that have a total cost a little higher, so be sure to check out your regions registration form)  We are lowering the entry fees per the request of many anglers that would like to compete, and qualify for the Team Classic, for a more affordable cost.  With fees, a team can now fish American Bass event for only $150, that’s only $75 per angler!!  The most you will spend is $100 (unless your region has extra fees) per event!  The American Bass membership is still only $30.  This is a 1-year membership from date of purchase.  We believe there are several anglers that have not participated in recent years due to the cost of the events, we feel with this price drop that these anglers will come out allowing the regions to grow and have even bigger paydays with the reduced entry fee!

Paybacks:  Less money is reserved for the Team Classic from each event, which means a higher percentage payback at qualifying events.  No money will be reserved for a cash payback at the Team Classics.  Instead, there will be a $100 basic entry fee at the Team Classic that will be paid back 100% starting at 2nd place paying 20% of the competing field.  Nominal event fees will still be in place for these events.  Options will also be offered as in the past.  The options of course will pay back 100%.  A full payback schedule will be published prior to each event showing Team Classic paybacks based on the number of entries.  The Northwest Division used this structure this year, 2015.  Everyone is welcome to see the Northwest Team Classic pre-tournament and results issues of American Bass e-Magazine.

This means that a team can participate in a full season (5 event minimum) with American Bass for $750 (plus memberships).  That’s only about $400 minimum for the entire year to compete in 5 events and qualify for a Team Classic!  If you decide to fish only 5 events and you want in all the options the most your team will spend about $1,000, only about $500 per angler!!!  

We are excited to offer these more affordable events and look forward to attracting more anglers to your region to continue to make our sport grow in 2016.  Please pass this info along to fellow anglers that maybe have not yet competed in American Bass team tournaments.

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