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The 2018 Season event number 4 will run around the 6:00pm to 12:00am timeframe. Please get to the lake early, I will start sign-ups around 3:45pm inside the Motorhome in the Parking lot.  Please get you boat inspected before you come to the motorhome, and line up your truck and boats on the right side of the parking lot.  You can be out on the water during the day, but you need to be off the water by 4:45pm and if you launch your boat you will have to pay for parking again (Lake Rules).  Please make sure your boat is in working order, lights, livewell pumps, batteries are charged.  I will have the Pre-Tournament meeting around 5:30pm and if the lake is clear before closing time we will get started earlier.  Please text me your name and your partners name if you would like to pre-sign your team.


ABA is stronger than ever, and this will be our 35th year in operation!  I will update this page as often as possible to keep you informed about this region.

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