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2013 American Bass/Ranger Boats South Team Classic Presented by Lucas Oil

Registration/Tournament Headquarters: Sunset Station Hotel & Casino 1301 W Sunset Rd, Hen - derson, NV (702) 547-7715 Room Reservations: See pages 12-13 for complete reservation details Launch/Weigh-in/Tournament Operations: Callville Bay Marina 100 Callville Bay Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120 (702) 565-8958

Wednesday November 13th First day of official pre-tournament practice All Competitors are restricted to fish only with their 2013 season team partner that they quali - fied with, and will be competing with, for this event. No Guides may be used during the official Pre-tournament practice on Wednesday November 13th and Thursday November 14th. No “non-competitors” are allowed in competitors boats without prior approval by American Bass. This includes filming crew(s). The tournament director may grant permission for a child, wife or film crew to ride in the boat during the pre-fish days if it is approved prior to the first day of pre- fish. Call the American Bass office (310) 376-1026 if you would like approval. American Bass will evaluate the request and make a decision to allow or not allow. If any request is allowed the guest is not allowed to fish or contribute in any way to fishing activities. Competitors are allowed to fish alone, without their partner. Partners may pre-fish alone in two boats during the Official Pre-Fish. Teams must fish together in one boat during competition days.

Official pre-fish opens at 12:01 a.m.

Off-Limits Areas: • Closed waters for the tournament competition will be all marinas starting at buoys. • Callville Bay off limits starts at the outer buoys with line of sight across to each shore. • Echo Bay Marina is closed to fishing starting at the buoys. • 200 Feet from Ramp at Boulder Harbor. Patrol boat dock at Boulder Harbor is off-limits to fishing. • No casting over buoys at any marina or off limits area. • All tire reefs are off limits. This means all tire reefs outside or inside marinas. • Any area marked no fishing. Any “special” definitions of off limits for any specific may be dis - cussed at the meeting. All anglers are responsible to abide by these off limits restrictions.

Thursday November 14th Second day of pre-tournament practice The same Pre-fish restriction apply as on Wednesday. All fishing must cease, boats must be off the water or inside their launching marina by 4:00.

4:00-6:30PM: TOURNAMENT CHECK-IN/REGISTRATION Tournament registration will be at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino in Club Madrid.

Please take a picture with your phone of your tow vehicle license plate, along with a picture of your boat number. You will need information for the Quagga Mussel form.

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