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Listen Up!

Visit the Optimum Baits homepage: OptimumBaits.com

It’s no secret, swimbaits are now considered standard tackle in almost every bass boat in the country. Throughout the

ranks of every club, team or pro level bass tournament one thing remains constant, swimbaits don’t discriminate...

They catch a bigger grade of bass, Period! Optimum Bait Company has been a leader in swim- bait design since 1996, being the first with an internal

Here are two more things you

might not know!

head-weighted swimbait. It’s no secret, Optimum is credited with many high-tech bait innovations; a big reason is the use of CAD machinery which has enabled the company to branch out into other markets, as well as securing an ICAST Best Of Show award with Furbit the Frog and the Poppin’ Furbit topwater baits. I’ts also no

Optimum Bait Company is the importer and distributor of several premier Japanese Tackle Companies leading the way in JDM product for the U.S. market. Brands include: IMA Lures, DEPS, REINS FISHING, ZAPPU, KAHARA, VAGABOND. Visit their page click here.

secret the now mainstream swimbait craze birthplace was So Cal, Optimum Bait Co’s backyard... Coincidence? Not

Reins Fishing, one of Japan’s premier tackle manufacturers, offers innovative designs and premium quality combining to make

hardly, All of Op-

Reins lures and tungsten sinkers a necessity for your tackle box.

timum’s products

The results speak for themselves: Click to see the full line up at

are Hand-poured


one at a time in the USA and available throughout the US Furbit Frog as well as into over- ICAST BEST IN SHOW

JT Kenney won $125,000 at the FLW Tour Lake Toho event with reins!

seas markets.

Click for Paul Mueller’s

Classic Vibe

Butch Brown Swimbait- er 24/7 - If you missed his

seminar series at the Fred Hall Shows or missed him at The Classic talking about the new bait you got to check out this insane big bass video: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=DE-u95hF2Xg

Play into your strengths and improve your weaknesses with reins tournament grade tackle

Ima Lures has announced new price points and new baits! Check ’em out at http://www.imalures.com/new-baits- lower-price-for-core-lineup/

http://optimumbaits.com/brands http://optimumbaits.com/brands http://www.imalures.com/new-baits-lower-price-for-core-lineup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE-u95hF2Xg