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Ima, One Of Japans Most Prestigious Lure Manufactures Offers CORE Series Retailing at

$9.99 - $10.99

Ima originates from the first three letters from the English word “imagination”. ima feels that an angler will always make their imagination work for them, and they will always enjoy the process of doing so. ima is dedicated to assist the angler with their imagination and provides lures that produce excellent results. Their product development is thus motivated on keeping the angler’s trust and imagination sharp.

The ima brand prides itself for being the leader in lure innovation. ima’s designers possess degrees at top Japanese Universities in either Marine Studies or engineering degrees specializing in CAD systems. This, coupled with being hardcore fisherman enables ima to get a concept – to a prototype – to a perfected lure at record speeds with the utilization of CNC machines. ENTER THE NEW ima CORE Series Little Stik and Skimmer Grande.

Ima Lures, is renowned in genre-defining, technique- specific topwaters for tournament anglers. In response to those anglers’ requests, the company revealed the Ima CORE SERIES Little Stik 135 and the Skimmer Grande 125 retailing at $9.99 - $10.99, and also introduced the Ima Select Series, bringing over several models previously only available on the Japanese market. Additionally, as a result of new

manufacturing efficiencies, the company was able to lower the cost on eight existing items while retaining the existing high level of quality

The company’s US pro-staff expressed excitement about the new sizes of topwaters:

“I can’t wait for that Little Stik 135,” said Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis. “I love the original, but it’s too big for many places. This one will be more of a tournament-sized bait. You’ll be able to use it coast to coast, from brim beds to the shad spawn, and of course the blueback lakes are where it’ll really be a big deal.”

Bill Lowen is most excited for the larger Skimmer Grande 125. “The original is a true finesse topwater,” he explained. “This one will have that same great

action but it will move more water. With more water displacement, you’ll be able to fish it in a chop when it’s windier.”

Since developing a United States office in 2007, Ima has been the leader in bringing innovative, imaginative and realistic pro-inspired lures to the American Market. Ima products are marketed and distributed in the US through Optimum Bait Company in Temecula, California. This year Ima will bring over

additional items that up

until now have exclusively

been in the Japanese

lineup, to be known as

the “Ima Select Series.”

At the same time, the

prices of other products previously available in the US will be lowered in order to make them available to a wider range of anglers worldwide. This has been accomplished by changing the location of our production facilities. With its enhanced manufacturing technologies, lures will now be less expensive with no drop-off in quality whatsoever.

Ima Japan continues to make headway in the U.S. market by teaming up with several B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW touring pros to

design and create new

baits for the U.S. anglers

to enjoy.American Bass

is proud to have ima

on board as a sponsor.

Look for their products at theAmerican Bass Championship Events.