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ratio reels and a a carbon drag system with 13.2-pouds of drag max to give the reels maximum torque strength. The free floating A7075 aluminum alloy spool starts faster and spins longer for longer more accurate casts. Included in the reel is a twelve bearing system including 11 ball bearings plus one roller bearing. Meyer said, “One of my favorite features of the Steez reels is the Magforce-Z Cast Control system. It really allows me to dial in my reel for casting super-light lures or casting into the wind.”

Oneoftheproduct lines Meyer is most impressed with is the Zillion line of reels. “The new Zillions are fantastic reels. They come with the TWS (T-Wing System) which offers better casting distance and accuracy. It’s also easier on line providing less wear and tear on the line. They are crazy light and the new Xtra Hyper Speed 9.1:1 gear ration is incredible. I crank up 40 inches of line on every turn. That’s incredible,” said Meyer. Zillion reels also feature 10 ball bearings, plus one roller bearing and a large, lightweight 90mm power handle. Zillion reels com in in four gear rations from the aforementioned 9.1:1 down to 5.5:1. Meyer continued, “Having four gear ratios really allows me to offer the

bait with a better presentation with less focus on the turning of the handle. I like the 5.5:1 for some swimbaits and deep cranking, and the 9.1:1 is great for flippin’, frogs, and topwater.”

Meyer admits the majority of his Daiwa arsenal is made up of Tatula products. “The Tatula product is the first reel professional grade product at a price almost

every angler can afford. It’s the rod and reel combination that Randy Howell used to win the Bassmaster Classic, and it’s the rod and reel a club angler can use to win his club event,” said Meyer.“

Tatula reels are packed with features includingT-Wing System,

lightweigh aluminum frames and side plates, a tournament grade carbon drag, and the Magforce-Z cast. These are many of the same great features you find in Steez and Zillion products, but bundled in Tatula for a price around $150. “I truly could fish every tournament for the rest of the year with Tatula products only, and I’d still know I have premium gear

and an advantage

over non-Daiwa

product anglers,”

said Meyer.

From his

early teen years to

about 25 years of

age Meyer spent

many weekends

fishing ABA, and

other local events.

He believes those

years helped him

learn the skills that

make him one of

the top anglers

in the world. “I

think those


were a key to my

success. Learning

how to make

adjustments and

decisions on the

fly is a big part

of tournament

fishing, and

there is only

one way to learn

that – by fishing

tournaments. I believe fishing against western anglers on western waters really prepared me well to come east and compete with the likes of Andy Morgan and David Dudley. I am glad I have Daiwa gear in my boat when I do.”